EasyBoards® is built using a powerful platform workflow solution underneath. The Enterprise edition removes any obstacle preventing the optimization of work. You can design and implement any workflow, any business rule and reporting.. practically any information system! So, the Enterprise edition is the perfect environment where to configure and optimize your business. Below are just some examples of the Enterprise edition capabilities.


Workflow freedom

Design and quickly implement any workflow: statuses, roles, status transitions, fields of any complexity, privileges (at any level of granularity), notifications, etc.


Traditional vs. visual management

Manage any workflow or workflow tasks traditionally (with views of data) or visually using Kanban.


Business rules

Design, implement and quickly deploy any business rule applicable to any part of the system to manage internal or external systems activities. Business rules can be triggered by internal or external system events.



Enlarge the scope of messaging and chats to any managed entity for total collaboration, extended to include also external resources, with a centralized overview (console) of ongoing communications.



Configure powerful dashboards to monitor, analyze and control work, performances, quality, economics.



Design any type of reporting and make it available either through pull or push approach.