EasyBoards®, available on cloud or on–premise, is a visual process management solution that helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflows, analyze and improve business processes with the use of Kanban boards.
EasyBoards is the perfect tool for lean and agile visual management of projects and business as usual activities that you can't miss.

Manage your projects, activities and processes to boost performances thanks to EasyBoards® boards, cards and reports also on mobile devices
Improve collaboration and productivity among teams, thanks to EasyBoards® chat.
EasyBoards® has a user-friendly interface which helps you to define your tasks through web application.
You can also syncronize and manage the same task directly from your mobile devices thanks yo the new EasyBoards® Mobile APP.
Available for Android and iOS!


Implement successful projects!

"See the “big” picture immediately"
"Take control of your projects"
"Visualize dependencies"
"Quickly adopt Kanban, Scrum and agile methods in every context"

Achieve operational excellence!

"Manage your tasks and processes visually"
"Collaborate & coordinate more efficiently"
"View progress immediately"
"Remove waste"
"Automate workflows"
"Quickly adopt and apply lean methodologies (e.g. DevOps)"
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Why EasyBoards

EasyBoards is a visual tool enabling team to collaborate in project delivey or Business As Usual tasks, applying lean/agile philosophy or blending it with traditional thinking (e.g. waterfall project management or process based operations)

Boost your business

Gain control over activities and workflows, optimize them gradually based on performance metrics and reporting


Simplified graphic interface for ease-of-use and productivity


Easily adaptable to business contexts and sectors


Blend agile and traditional thinking practices


Enhance communication and collaboration


Lean metrics and reports to measure performances and improve

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