Cookies Policy

itmSUITE uses ONLY technical cookies to ensure the proper functioning of the site, analyze traffic, optimize performances and, provide functionalities (e.g. webchat).

Here below you can find more information about the technical cookies we use:


Cookie Name   Domain Duration Description
0cebe05ea33203f11b755118f7854171  Session  Used by the CMS to deliver content
jch_optimize_no_cache_user_activity  7 days  Optimizes website performances
itmSUITE.vid  Session  Enables functionalities of the website chat
itmSUITE.ST  Session  Enables functionalities of the website chat
__cf_bm  30 minutes  Used to distinguish between real
 and bot users; downloaded when
 the visitors access videos hosted
 on Vimeo


Additional cookies downloaded only when the private area of the website is accessed:

Cookie Name   Domain Duration Description
jch_optimize_no_cache_user_state  Session  Stores the user status to optimize
 website performances
joomla_user_state  Session  Stores sign-in status of visitor
joomla_remember_me_xxxxx  60 days  Used to distinguish the logged user