Enable powerful collaboration

Collaboration is the essence of Kanban, Scrum or any other agile methods. EasyBoards® embeds powerful tools for powerful collaboration.


Subscribe or unsubscribe to task notifications

Get informed on any change to a task by subscribing to its notifications. Unsubscribe if not interested.


Chat on a task

Starting a conversation about a task (card) is a matter of seconds. Keep all inherent conversation linked to the relevant task with no information dispersion. EasyBoards® embeds and boosts secure collaboration also by managing automatically push notifications available from browser and emails.


Chat console

Keep all chats and conversation under control with the chat console. Understand what happened in your area of interest at a glance. Get notified about new posts. Automatically access to the board and task related to a conversation. Snooze or hide chats to focus on those of interest. Search and filter chats to quickly find needed information. Get notified about new posts visibly in chat console and by push notifications and email.